Lift Table Components

A selection from the wide range of the control valves available. For example, pilot operated check valves, circulation by-pass valves, stop valves and a standard manual lowering override unit. Our lifts are in everyday use worldwide. Our technicians have considerable experience in providing hydraulic and electrical control systems for use in the most demanding environments.

Our own, high quality cylinder tubes are made from Fe510 steel with the internal bore honed and polished to an exceptionally smooth surface of Ra < 0.4 micrometers. All cylinder tubes are subjected to individual inspection by quality control prior to use. The piston rods are made to the same high standards as the cylinders and are hard chrome plated to a thickness of > 25 urn. Hose break rupture valves are built into the bottom of the cylinders To reduce corrosion, loss of oil, and contamination, a drainhose is connected from the cylinder back to the tank (except S,. types). The safety factor by cylinder stress calculations is 1,8. Pressure hoses comply to main european standards. (diagram)

The wide range of long life motors, pumps and valves we offer make it possible for us to meet our clients' requirements for speed and frequency of operation. Dual speed and soft start are options.

The power-pack shown above is typical of those marked s1 In the standard range. The unit is mounted onto a driptray off the floor. It is connected by 1 metre of hydraulic hose to the lift.

Pre-lubricated, replaceable type bearing bushes are standard features. Fe510 steel or equivalent is used for the precision ground axles and cylinder bolts. For heavy duty work we recommend chrome plating heavy wear parts, including grease points or grease free spherical plain bearings with seals.

For lifts working multi-shifts, in foundries or under other exceptional conditions we usually recommend sealed, spherical bearings all over. Our technicians are always willing to discuss solutions with our clients.(diagram)