Single Scissor Lifts

  • Stroke approx. 0.62 x platform length
  • Multi purpose use
  • Upto 15 tonnes payload
  • Strong, reliable design
Single Scissor platform lift tables diagram

1. Flat or tear pattern deck top, The top roll over edges are square (not radius) for greater strength, smoother load transfer and flush mounting of handrail, conveyors etc.

2. A perimeter safety trip frame is fitted to the undersides of the platform to prevent further lowering should an obstruction be encountered. For added safety, operator reset is standard.

3. The scissor arms for lift tables upto 3 metres in length are usually profiled, solid steel. For larger lifts, steel hollow section is used to provide greater stability. A substantial torsion tube is fitted between the armsets to help ensure good synchronisation and stability even when eccentrically loaded.

4. See note here

5. The 1.400 rpm power packs are selected for their exceptional reliability and low noise (<70dBA). A built in high pressure filter helps protect the lowering valve from malfunction. The lowering speed is adjustable on site and is controlled by a pressure compensating valve. Mains supply 400V, 3 phase, 50Hz; control circuits 24V, 50 Hz. except for types marked *(230V, 1 phase, 50Hz), Each lift is protected to IP54 and is ready to use when connected to a mains supply and suitably installed. The control station is on 3 metres of flexible cable complete with Emergency Stop and deadman (constant pressure) UP and DOWN push buttons.

6. Steel swivel stops or posts are provided to mechanically support the lift in a raised or semi-raised position to allow access for maintenance purposes.

7. The steel arm roller bearings are replaceable.

8. See note here

5 tonnes U.D.L 4000 mm long x 1500 mm wide, 2500 mm stroke
4 tonnes U.D.L. For feeding steel sheet in machine shop, VW works
Single Scissor platform lift tables